What is Total Security?

“Security” to business and home owners, event planners, customers, and the public mean different things – but if often revolves around a uniformed or undercover officer, armed or unarmed, standing or sitting and watching, walking around, viewing CCTV monitors or viewing crowds for suspicious activity. It often means alarms and alarm systems, gates, fences, barbed wire, locks and keycards, armored cars, and maybe even fingerprint and retina scan access.
All this is true – and are obvious evidence of security. But total security is much more.
Total security is planning. Total security are protocols and procedures. Total security is prevention.
Total security is training, experience, skills and, yes, even instinct.
Total security is even securing your reputation.
This is what we mean by Total Security at Maximum Crime Prevention.
When customized policies, procedures and protocols are developed, and trained, experienced, and skilled personnel implement these, problems are deterred and avoided, and if necessary, responded to efficiently and effectively.
This involves knowing the facility, staff, customers and activities at a business. It means being proactive and engaging and not waiting for problems to encroach or escalate.
It means being a part of the ebb and flow of a business’s daily activities.