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We offer an extensive and complete curriculum for security officers, and are licensed by the State of Texas as a training provider.

We offer Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Re-qualification courses.

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Security Officer – Licensing Courses

PSB Level 3 and 4 Re-qualification for Commissioned Security Officers (6hrs)
Cost: $100.00 (6 hours)

PSB Level II – Security Officer Course
Cost: $75.00 (6 hours)

PSB Level III Commissioned Security Officer Course (5 days)
Cost: $150.00 (45 hours)


HOLIDAY SPECIAL! L2 + L3 Combined Package
ONLY $100.00
This is a special December 2018 Sale package, offering L2 AND L3 training at one low price.
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PSB Level IV – Personal Protection Officer (2 Days)
Cost: $200.00 (15 hours)

SHOOTING ONLY Re-qualification for Level III Security
Cost: $75.00 (1 hour)

Full course descriptions can be found HERE.

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