Business Security

We are specialists in the boarder field of business security, with specializations in key niche areas. From a guarding perspective, the wide and varied needs of specific market sectors often involves industry- specific training, and with our in-house training academy. we are able to ensure that skilled staff are matched to the role required of them. Our training facility sets us apart from our competitors and gives us a distinct advantage in an extremely competetive environment.

We recognized from early on that in addition to well trained, well managed staff, our long term success would require effective systems and procedures. We therefore invest heavily in the development of IT systems and now enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated electronic management system which helps us manage our business and our client relationships more effectively.

Maximum Crime Protection has particular knowledge and expertise in the following vertical markets:

Commercial Property
As commercial property specialists with a significant depth of experience in the field, we ensure your premises
-external and internal- are not only secure, but that you benefit from our constant monitoring and, wherever appropriate, implementation of innovative global products and methodologies.

We are accepted as leaders in the field of shopping centre and general retail security, with numerous industry awards to support this claim.

We provided all aspects of access control and general security

Educational Institutions
Ensuring the safety of future generations, and the infrastructure surrounding them.

National, provincial and local – a proven record success in all these areas.

Safeguarding patients, staff and visitors at top SA hospitals and health care facilities.

Many of Dallas- Fort Worth’s top 5 star hotels and boutique leaders in the hospitality industry have relied on Maximum Crime Protection’s security services many years.