Home Security

We may be security specialists, but we’re first and foremost family men and women so we know nothing matters more than home and personal protection. We believe effective home security requires, above everything, a change of mindset of most, and we encourage our clients to examine their own lifestyles and habits, analyze the weaknesses and respond to them – we’re there to assist and advise on how to, from the outside in, creating layer upon layer of smart security measures.

As a company, we constantly monitor criminal trends in the areas and communities in which we operate, so we are constantly devising strategies and tools for our clients. Security prevention measures can never be static, so we keep abreast of new technology, new approaches and fresh thinking.

No longer a grudge purchase, security is a lifestyle decision, and as such it means taking steps beyond installing a basic alarm system. Real security is a change in mind-set, it means going beyond securing our homes to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods as well.

Maximum Crime Protection offers the most comprehensive security offers in the market place today, everything that we do is single-mindedly focused on making your world a safer place. We work together with you to ensure your safety. We just don’t play lip service to it. No matter if it’s electronic intrusion detection devices, armed response, or simple common sense measures; we get involved.

Our armed response service is currently limited to specific suburbs within greater Dallas – Fort Worth area.